The English Department at Catholic University is distinctive because of its commitment to the study of literature as literature: we emphasize literary history and aesthetics and recognize that while the literary canon isn't static, great literature has remarkable longevity. Undergraduate majors benefit from the University’s liberal arts curriculum and small classes led by faculty who are active scholars and dedicated teachers. Graduate students receive rigorous scholarly and pedagogical training both in the broad field of literary history and in particular areas of specialization.

The English department also offers two minors for undergraduates in Rhetoric and Writing, and English Language and Literature, as well as joint programs with the Department of Education in Secondary Education. Graduate students may choose to pursue a Certificate in Rhetoric.

The English department is also affiliated with a number of programs on campus, including the University Honors Program, the Medieval and Byzantine Studies Program, the Irish Studies Program, the Catholic University in Rome Flagship Program, and the Intensive English Program.

Professor Ernest Suarez teaches a senior seminar course to English majors.

Studying Literature as Literature

The Department of English focuses on aesthetic values of the written word. 

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