Department News

Dr. Megan Murton (Associate Professor) delivered a paper entitled "Zooming Out: Narrative Occlusion in Chaucer" at the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium in April 2024. She also served as the invited respondent for a panel on "Christian Subjects in Formation" and co-organized and chaired two panels on Voice and Subjectivity.

Dr. Megan Murton (Associate Professor) will deliver a paper entitled "Zooming Out: Narrative Occlusion in Chaucer" at the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium in April 2024.

Dr. Megan Murton's (Associate Professor) article, "Chaucer's Fortune: A Necessary Invention" will appear in The Chaucer Review 59.2 (April 2024)

Dr. Lilla Kopàr and Dr. Sarah Ferrario (Dept. of Greek and Latin) co-organized a three-day workshop called Really Dead Languages and their Epigraphy (January 25-27, 2024) on ancient languages and epigraphic traditions, showcasing extensive expertise in the field on our campus. As one of nine presenters, Dr. Kopàr gave a talk on runes and runic inscriptions, and Dr. Beth Ooi (Lecturere in English) presented on Old English incscriptions in the roman script. 

Dr. S. Beth Newman Ooi (Lecturer in English) presented her work at three conferences in 2023: "For Your Eyes Only: Inscriptions for Private Audiences" as part of the Old English Forum panel at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention in San Francisco, CA, on January 5; "Project Andvari: Creating Digital Access to the Art and Iconography of Early Medieval Northern Europe" co-presented with Dr. Lilla Kopàr and Dr. Nancy Wicker (U. Mississippi) at the Medieval Academy of America (MAA) Anual Meeting in Washington, DC, February 24; and "Textual Adaption Strategies in the Ruthwell Cross Inscriptions" at the 42nd International Conference of the Haskins Society in Richmond, VA, on November 3.

Dr. Kevin Rulo was recently appointed Associate Editor of The T.S. Eliot Studies Annual Journal, published by Clemson UP/Liverpool UP.

Dr. Kevin Rulo was invited to moderate a panel discussion on "Deceit, Desire, and the Contemporary Novelist" with novelists Brandon Taylor, A. Natasha Joukovsky, and Trevor Cribben Merrill at the Novitate Conference on the work and thought of Rene Girard, Catholic University of America, on Nov., 3, 2023.

Dr. Kevin Rulo was invited to contribute his paper “Of Gods and Apes: Wyndham Lewis and Metafiction in the Age of Modernism” for the "Metafiction, Autofiction, and Other Metanarrative Forms of Storytelling" Seminar at the Modernist Studies Association Conference in Brooklyn, New York, Oct. 26-29, 2023.