The English Department offers its students an ongoing community after graduation, connecting alumni in fields as diverse as law, academia, government, publishing, non-profit work, education, entertainment, journalism, creative writing and the arts. Graduates of the English Department maintain lasting bonds with students and faculty, building on experiences gained during their time at Catholic University.

The English Department welcomes alumni of both undergraduate and graduate back to campus as mentors, as speakers in the Alumni in the Profession series, and as participants in a vibrant community of readers, writers, and critical thinkers.

We invite alumni to keep in touch and let us know about your successes, personal joys, professional milestones, and ongoing education. Please send your messages to We would love to hear from you.

Alumni are also invited to support current and future students in the Department of English, both by assisting with internship and employment opportunities through our Center for Academic and Career Success, and also by supporting our department in the form of a financial contribution.