As part of their training in ENG 328: Writing Center Theory and Practice, each WC Undergraduate Tutor develops a research project that examines issues related to writing pedagogy, theory, and/or practice. Tutors are individually mentored by faculty members and encouraged to adapt and extend their research projects for presentation at regional and national/international professional and academic conferences. 

Selected Research Projects by Tutors

2014-2015 Cohort

"Writing within the Music Major at Catholic University," Gretchen Midgley
"The Second-Year Experience: Expanding the Outreach of the Writing Center to Sophomores," Mark Strycula
"Gender in Catholic University's Writing Center," Samantha Aurilia

2013-2014 Cohort

“Catholic Identity and the Writing Center,” Audra Nakas
“Cultivating Writing Culture through the Writing Center,” Wesley Cocozello
“Writing Process and Potential: The Importance of Early Stages of Writing,” Mary Catherine Amerine
“The Influence of Space on Writing Center Appointments,” Patricia Mars

Conference Presentations


  • "Introducing English Language Learners to English Academic Discourse: Strategies in the Genre-Based Approach to Teaching Writing," Marie Erickson
  • "Creative Writing / Creative Writing Centers," Joseph Rose with Dr. Brian Chappell 

Presented at the 2019 Joint Conference of the International Writing Center Association and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, October 16-19.


  • "Measures of Success: The Effect of Writing Center Sessions on Client Writing Apprehension and Self-Efficacy," Peter Varga
  • "Undergraduate Tutors and Gender: Research and Training," Rachel de Rosset 

Presented at the 2018 International Writing Centers Association Conference, October 11-13.


  • "Age Dynamics within the Writing Center," Emma Scandole
  • "Positive Feedback in the Catholic University of America Writing Center," Elena Perkins
  • "Fostering Motivation in the Writing Center," Catherine Broshek 

Presented at the 2017 National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, October 12-14.


  • "Narrowing the Focus for Greater Inclusivity?: Rewards and Challenges of Targeting Specific Student Populations," Rebecca McCarron and Rachel Moore

Presented at the 2016 National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, November 4-6.


  • "Talking Back: Gender and Participation in a Tutorial," Samantha Aurilia
  • "A Toolbox for Better Brainstorming," Michaela Shea
  • "Empathetic Tendencies: Cultivating Empathy in Writing Center Tutorials and Training," Katharine Werthwine, with Dr. Taryn L. Okuma, Theresa Merrick (Kansas State U.), Maria Ruiz (Kansas State U.), and Dr. Matthew Capdevielle (U. of Notre Dame)
  • "Depositing the University: Words, Multi-Word Units, and Academic Language Acquisition in the Writing Center," Lucas Matheson

Presented at the 2015 National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, November 5-8.


  • “Religious Mission in/and the Writing Center,” Audra Nakas, Tyler Lomnitzer, and Erik Gravel
  • “Thinking, Writing, and Tutoring Creatively: Applying ‘Theory of Mind’ to Revision in the Writing Center,” Alex Sniatkowski

Presented at the 2014 Joint Conference of the International Writing Center Association and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, October 30-November 1.

  • “Writing, Talking, Stating: Discourse as/in Action in Writing Centers,” Alex Sniatkowski

Presented at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference, Salisbury University, April 4-5. 

Testimonials from Writing Center Undergraduate Tutors

“[ENG 328] was one of my favorite courses that I have taken at CUA. It was a great way to end my last semester here.”

"My own writing and mark as a person have grown because of my involvement in the program. I find it a great credit to the program that, having graduated this May, the thing I’ll miss most about CUA (besides the people) is the Writing Center."