Scholarly books in English 

Postmodernism and Cultural Identities. Conflicts and Coexistence (2010)

Imperfection and Defeat. The Function of Aesthetic Imagination in Human Society (2006)

The Triumph of Imperfection. The Silver Age of Sociocultural Moderation in Early 19th Century Europe (2006)

Theory of the Secondary. Literature, Progress and Reaction (1989) Romanian transl. 1997

The Taming of Romanticism. European Literature and the Age of Biedermeier (1984); Romanian transl. 1998, 2004

Micro-Harmony. The Growth and Uses of the Idyllic Model in Literature (1977)

Scholarly books (in English) edited or co-ordinated

Non-Fictional Romantic Prose. Expanding Borders (2004; with Steven Sondrup)

Play, Literature, Religion. Essays in Cultural Intertextuality (1992; with Robert Royal)

The Hospitable Canon. Essays on Literary Play, Scholarly Choice, and Popular Pressures (1991; with Robert Royal)

Two issues each of Stanford Literature Review (1980s) and RNL/CWR (1990s) – guest editor.

Books of literary, philosophical and cultural criticism (in Romanian)

Romania as Seen by Us. Conversation in Berlin with Sorin Antohi (România noastr?. Convorbiri berlineze cu Sorin Antohi), 2008, 2009

Calm wisdom. Dialogues in Cyberspace with Robert Lazu (În?elepciunea calm?. Dialoguri în cyberspace cu Robert Lazu), 2002

Tradition and Freedom (Tradi?ie ?i libertate), 2001

The games of divinity. Thought, Freedom and Religion at the millennium’s end, 2000

Romania and her liberalisms (România ?i liberalismele ei), 1999

The smile of abundance. Lyrical knowledge and ideological models in ?tefan Aug. Doina?’s work, 1994

The useful and the pleasant (Utilul si pl?cutul), 1973

The calm of values (Calmul valorilor), 1971

Structuralism (Structuralismul), 1967