Anca Nemoianu


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  • School of Arts and Sciences
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  • First and Second Language Acquisition and Development
  • Pragmatics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Syntax
  • Writing Pedagogy
  • ESL Pedagogy
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    Dr. Anca Nemoianu teaches linguistics, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and founded and runs the University’s Intensive English Program. Her research and teaching interests range from first and second language acquisition and development (in naturalistic and classroom settings) to discourse analysis of literary texts; from the role of linguistics in the undergraduate curriculum to writing pedagogy at all ages and skill levels; from American to Japanese literature as repositories of culture open to students through carefully planned language detective work. She has taught classes and has presented and published in all these areas. A grammarian at heart, she is interested in anything that has to do with language, and in literature as “a kind of extension and application of certain properties of language,” to use Paul Valèry’s words. She has been engaged in a nation-wide effort to promote the study of linguistics at the undergraduate level and, at the local level, to share with students her wonder at the miracle of language acquisition in children: how fast and without effort children figure out what it has taken linguists for ever to describe with adequacy.