English seminar

Fall 2020 Course Offerings

The English Department is pleased to offer the following classes for the Fall 2020 semester. Information regarding instructors, days/times of class meetings, and locations will be posted to Cardinal Station once the schedule has been finalized.

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) fulfill the Explorations in Literature requirement and classes marked with a double asterisk (**) are pending approval to fulfill the Explorations in Literature requirement.

ENG 101: Writing and Rhetoric
ENG 103: Composition for International Students
ENG 231: History of English Literature I *
ENG 235: History of American Literature I *
ENG 302: Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 325: Contemporary English Grammar
ENG 328: Writing Center Theory & Practice
ENG 330: Memoir
ENG 331: Lyric
ENG 333: Narrative
ENG 351: Chaucer *
ENG 355: Medieval Monsters
ENG 364: Milton *
ENG 402: English Poetry and World War **
ENG 431: Senior Seminar: Baldwin, Didion
ENG 431: Senior Seminar: Authors TBD
ENG 461: Shakespeare *
ENG 501: Introduction to Old English
ENG 700: Teaching Practicum
ENG 721: Introduction to the Profession of Letters
ENG 723: Approaches to Teaching Writing
ENG 859: Verse Since 1912, Criticism and Practice
ENG 894: Celtic Revivals