Springtime Events and Activities

by Sophy Schulman (M.A. student)

EGO recently welcomed three first-year graduate students into its ranks: Fletcher Bonin (Vice-President), Emily Grace (Events Coordinator), and Sophy Schulman (MA Representative), joining Amy Marter (Secretary) and Grace Woo (Treasurer/GSA Senator). Helmed by Monica Schroeder, EGO anticipates an array of springtime events, both collegial and convivial. In February, students and faculty spent a rainy morning mingling over coffee and doughnuts, and also gathered for a Mardi Gras party involving sundaes and (freshly pressed!) waffles. Later in the semester, graduate students can look forward to celebrations for colleagues returning triumphant from comprehensive exams.

In its efforts to foster professional development among graduate students, EGO is also organizing this Spring’s colloquium series, in which faculty and graduate students discuss a student’s conference paper or dissertation chapter. This semester, these discussion forums will support several students making their first foray into academic conferences, including Rachel Daley, who will present a paper at the Southeast Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature; and Sophy Schulman, who will present at the Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland (colloquia dates T.B.D.). EGO encourages graduate students who wish to arrange a colloquium to contact Fletcher Bonin at boninf@cua.edu.