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Inventio is thrilled to announce the hard work of its Student Editorial Board on Volume 7 of the journal. Throughout the semester, the staff has pursued Inventio’s goals to deliver the research work of the Catholic University of America’s student body. Apart from the recent online release of Volume 6, Issue 2, this year’s Volume 7 is set to be published online this week. In addition to the online release, Inventio expects to receive the physical publication of Volume 6, Issue 2 in time for Friday’s journal celebration where authors, SEB members, supervising faculty, and administrators will meet. Over the summer, the journal will receive Volume 7 from the printing press and send copies to the student staff and deserving authors.

Apart from strict publishing work this semester, the SEB was honored with visits from faculty like Dr. Baker and Dr. Lipscombe who provided the staff with useful advice on the worlds of academia and publishing. The staff also enjoyed its own visit to the office of The Catholic Historical Review in Mullen Library. Needless to say, one of the most exciting events this year for Inventio was the first in-person University Research Day since 2019, where the SEB staff met and discussed the journal’s mission with student researchers and faculty.

Inventio is still accepting research paper submissions until May 15. The journal is also looking for engaging and determined undergraduate students to apply for the Student Editorial Board for next spring! To receive important information about Inventio, subscribe to the journal's newsletter and follow Inventio on Facebook (@inventio.cua), Instagram (@inventio.cua), and Twitter (@CuaInventio).

Daniel Formella (B.A. History ‘23)
Associate Editor, Inventio