Selected Publications

Murton, Megan E. Chaucer's Prayers: Writing Christian and Pagan Devotion. Chaucer Studies 47. Woodbridge, UK: Boydell & Brewer, 2020.

“The Prioress’s Prologue: Dante, Liturgy, and Ineffability.” The Chaucer Review 52.3 (2017): 318-40

"Secular Consolation in Chaucer’s Complaint of Mars.” Studies in the Age of Chaucer 38 (2016): 75-107.

“Boethius and Chaucer: The Consolations of ‘Trouthe.’” Carmina Philosophiae 25 (2016): 1-28.

“Praying with Boethius in Troilus and Criseyde,” The Chaucer Review 49.3 (2015): 294-319.

Selected Presentations

"The Squire's Tale: 'Ernest' Failure as Narrative Experiment," New Chaucer Society Conference, 2018

"Chaucer's Marys: Defining the Virgin's Place and Power," Southeastern Medieval Association Conference, 2016

“‘Trouthe thee shal delivere’: Boethian ‘Trouthe’ and Chaucerian Lyric,” Kalamazoo Medieval Congress, International Boethius Society Session, 2015

“Chaucer and the Secular,” Canada Chaucer Seminar, 2015

“Chaucer’s Devotional Boethius,” Revisiting the Legacy of Boethius in the Middle Ages, Harvard University, 2014