Undergraduate Essay Prizes: The Best of the FYE

Inventio is now accepting FYE essays (from Spring or Fall 2018) for publication in the journal's "Best of the FYE" section!

Inventio is a yearly academic research journal at The Catholic University of America that publishes original undergraduate research in theology, philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences, and highlights the best writing produced by students in the First-Year Experience. The fourth issue is currently in production and will be available in print and online by the end of the semester. You can read previous issues on the website and free print copies are available in the UHP office.

Inventio includes a regular special section, “The Best of the First Year Experience,” that features the best writing from FYE Philosophy, Theology, and English classes. For the 2019 issue, we will be publishing FYE pieces written in Spring 2018 and/or Fall 2018 and, new to this year, all submissions will also be considered for one of three essay awards sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa.

If you would like to submit an ENG 101, TRS, and/or PHIL paper that you wrote for your FYE class (you may submit more than one essay) for publication in Inventio, please take the following steps by Saturday, January 12th:

  1. Make any necessary revisions, revise all citations to Chicago Style, and forward a copy (as an MS Word document) of the essay to both Dr. Herbert Hartmann (hartmann@cua.edu) and Dr. Taryn Okuma (okuma@cua.edu).
  2. Submit a copy of the prompt (or a version of the prompt) to Drs. Hartmann and Okuma as an MS Word document. We ask for the prompt so that we can provide context for the essays in the journal. If you do not have the prompt, please be sure to indicate the name of your instructor so that we can contact them for the prompt.

All submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Director of the FYE. The essays selected for publication will then be forwarded to Inventio for copyediting and publication. In addition to publication of the original essay/assignment, authors may also be interviewed and featured on the Inventio website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of Inventio's faculty editors:

Dr. Taryn Okuma, Dept. of English (okuma@cua.edu) - on leave after 1/12/19
Dr. Jennifer Paxton, Dept. of History (paxton@cua.edu)
Dr. Kevin Rulo, Dept. of English (rulo@cua.edu)
Dr. Caroline Sherman, Dept. of History (shermanc@cua.edu)