Selected Publications

“The Polyvocal Poet: Tradition, Translation, and the True Original.” Birmingham Poetry Review. (forthcoming).

“Eliot’s Magic.” The Hopkins Review 10.1. (Winter 2017).46-66. Print.

“Warren, Eliot, Dante, and the Promises of Tradition.” The Sewanee Review CXXIV.1. (Winter 2016). 136-148. Print.

“Classic Ransom.” The Hopkins Review 9.1. (Winter 2016). 6-27. Print.

“How to Think Like a Poet.” Dappled Things 10.2 (Easter 2015). 45-65. Print.

“ ‘Rich Refusals’: Donald Justice and the New Critics.” The Sewanee Review CXXIII. 1. (Winter 2015). 147-158. Print.  


The Stranger World. Measure Press, June 2017.

Selected Presentations

“Translation, Tradition, and Polyvocal Poetry.” The West Chester University Poetry Conference. June 2017.

Co-Chair (with Joan Romano Shifflett) of the Seminar, “Robert Penn Warren and Time”; ALSCW Conference, Washington, D.C. October 2016.

“ ‘All Is Repetition’: Dante, Robert Penn Warren, and History” for Robert Penn Warren and History, South Atlantic MLA conference, Atlanta, Ga, Nov. 2014.

“ ‘This is the world’: Ritual and Redemption in Warren’s Promises”; The Robert Penn Warren Circle, Guthrie, KY, April 2013.

“ ‘Rich Refusals’: Donald Justice and the New Critics” for The New Criticism and Creative Practice; American Literary Scholars, Writers, and Critics, Athens, GA, April 2013.