Dear Friends of The Annex,

Greetings from the Writing Center! Together with Dr. Kevin Rulo, Director of the University Writing Center, I’m writing today to ask for your help in identifying promising candidates for the position of WRITING CENTER UNDERGRADUATE TUTOR for the 2022-2023 academic year.

We’re looking for strong writers who can communicate well in conversations with their peers. The best tutors are, above all, good listeners who can read their peers’ work charitably and critically and speak with enthusiasm about writing and ideas.

If you are a faculty member here on campus, we would be grateful if you could please recommend your strongest students for the program - we depend upon your nominations to identify students who can support and inspire others as writing tutors.

If you are a student, please consider asking a faculty member who knows your writing well to nominate you! Maybe you're the friend who is everyone's go-to for reading essays before they're due, or you're considering a career in teaching or publishing, or you'd like the opportunity to develop and present writing-related research at a professional conference, or you've had a great experience working with a Writing Center tutor and would like to help other students in the same way - or maybe all of these things describe you and you want the opportunity to hang out with a community of people who love writing and get paid to think and talk about writing. The Writing Center Undergraduate Tutor Program is for you: apply!

Deadline for nominations
Please submit faculty nominations by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th at 5pm.

How to nominate a student
Please fill out the online nomination form. Please feel free to nominate more than one student.

For more information about the application process, please see visit our website.

About the Program
The Undergraduate Tutor Program trains and employs a highly select group of undergraduate students as tutors who work in the Writing Center alongside our graduate student instructors. Undergraduate Tutors enroll in a special one-semester seminar and practicum designed to prepare them for Writing Center work and provide them with opportunities to develop and present original research. For more information about WC undergraduate research, please see our website.

I'm grateful for your consideration and Dr. Rulo and I welcome any questions you might have about this program or any other aspects of the Writing Center.

Many thanks,

Dr. Taryn Okuma
Director, WCUT Program
Associate Professor of Practice, English Department