Each January the faculty nominates graduate students for the English Department Graduate Teaching Awards.

The Graduate Teaching Award committee (Drs. Okuma, Rulo, and Mack) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019-20 English Department Graduate Teaching Awards:


Capstone Award: Christopher Petter

Christopher Petter

The Capstone Award is for a Ph.D. student who is within one year of finishing the degree and who has demonstrated excellence in teaching throughout his or her career as a Ph.D. student at CUA.

In addition to teaching first-year composition and short fiction writing, Chris has taught a special writing course for social work students, reading and writing for the Intensive English program, and assisted in the survey of American literature. He has also taught workshops for the Writing Center and served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Program.


Excellence in Teaching Award: Michael Evans

Michael Evans

The Excellence in Teaching Award is for a Ph.D. student who has completed at least two semesters of teaching at the Ph.D. level and has, even at this early point in his or her career, established a strong record of teaching. Graduate students can only win this award once, though they may be nominated in multiple years.

Michael has taught first-year composition and assisted with both semesters of the survey of American literature. He has offered numerous writing workshops and has served as the Writing Center Graduate Assistant Director.

The committee would also like to recognize the other outstanding nominees for the Excellence in Teaching Award: Jane Forsyth, Robert Sherron, and Monica Schroeder.