Student editorial board meeting for Inventio
As a research university, Catholic University encourages all members of the community, from undergraduates to professors, to contribute to the research in their respective fields. In many classes across campus, undergraduate students produce high-quality research, but that research seems to stop at the professor’s desk.

Inventio, the multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal, publishes the high-quality research that takes place at Catholic University, continuing students’ work beyond the classroom. Through Inventio, students publish their research while gaining knowledge of how the field of academic publication operates.

Inventio is entirely student-written, but it is also entirely student-produced. Members of the Student Editorial Board (SEB), who are also undergraduates, work closely with the authors to copyedit, layout, and proofread the author’s article and prepare it for publication. Throughout the semester, guest speakers in the publishing field and trips to other academic journals show the SEB the opportunities available in journal production.

Inventio is currently seeking applications for the Student Editorial Board for Volume 5. Applications for the SEB are due October 7th. Visit the Inventio website to learn more about the positions available and to apply. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Okuma (

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Elizabeth Hughes (B.A. English and Philosophy, '21)
Editor-in-Chief, Inventio