Graduate students in English at CUA are funded primarily through a teaching fellowship, which has the following components:

  • Full-tuition scholarship during the fall and spring semesters, currently valued at $49,680 per year.
  • Graduate stipend of $22,000 per year.

Teaching assistantships at the M.A. level may be renewed for two years, and teaching fellowships at the Ph.D. level may be renewed for up to five years. A student who enters the graduate program at the M.A. level and continues to the Ph.D. may receive up to seven years of funded support.

Students in the English Ph.D. program are also eligible for University-wide funding such as the Deferrari scholarship, which provides a full tuition waiver for doctoral course work, and the Board of Trustees scholarship, which provides a full tuition waiver and stipend of $18,000.

Provided that all application materials are received by February 1, all applicants will be considered for the available scholarships and assistantships for which they qualify. No separate application form needs to be filed.