University Honors Program

Faculty from the Department of English teach courses in several affiliated programs. Many of the courses in these interdisciplinary programs also satisfy requirements for undergraduate and graduate degrees in English.

  • University Honors Program: The program offers students of high caliber a challenging curriculum which is oriented toward the liberal arts and designed to complement individual majors. The program consists of three integrated two-year sequences (The Christian Tradition, Aristotelian Studium, and Critical Explorations of Social Reality) as well as interdisciplinary courses in Environmental Studies, Technology and Culture, and various honors courses in the individual departments.
  • Media and Communication Studies: An interdisciplinary undergraduate major emphasizing the analysis of the mass media and the messages they convey. Students majoring in English can minor in media studies.
  • Medieval and Byzantine Studies Program: An interdisciplinary program emphasizing the complex intertwining of theology, philosophy, Latin and vernacular languages, and history. Students majoring in English can minor in medieval and Byzantine studies.
  • Intensive English Program for International Students: Offers a sequence of courses for international students who wish to study English as a second language.
  • Irish Studies Program: From its founding in 1887, the Catholic University of America has cultivated a unique relationship with Ireland, its people and its legacy in the modern world. The faculty in Arts and Sciences has long encouraged the study of all aspects of Irish society, from the country’s languages, art and literature to its rich religious, social and political complexity. Irish culture has shaped, and continues to shape, the present in profound ways, not only in Ireland but on the European continent, in North America and throughout the world. Students majoring in English can minor in Irish Studies.